Charity entities and companies

Companies and entities are essential in building a fairer and more supportive world. We invite you to be part of the companies, foundations, SMEs and other public and private institutions that, through their activity, improve the living conditions of children and promote an active and healthy life.

Make a donation

Your solidarity represents the commitment to others and the satisfaction of contributing to improving the lives of many childs.

With your donations you will help us to develop our social projects.

Donate your time and your knowledge

Make available to Frodeno Fun(d) the experience and knowledge of the professionals who work in your company.

You will help us strengthen our management and offer better support to child who need our help.

Contact us

If you want more information on how you can help, or do you have other collaboration proposals,
Call us at 621 25 84 11 or fill out the attached form, and we will contact you.