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Welcome to Frodeno Fun(d) Triathlon Academy in Salt (Girona)

Frodeno Fun(d) Academy is a vibrant triathlon school designed for children, proudly nestled within our charitable endeavor. Named after the renowned triathlete Jan Frodeno, this academy not only imparts the essential skills of swimming, cycling, and running but also nurtures values of determination, camaraderie, and wellness. Our academy operates as an integral part of a broader charitable project, aiming to make the empowering world of triathlon accessible to all, regardless of background or circumstance. Through expert coaching, a supportive community, and a shared passion for sport, we aspire to inspire young minds, fostering both physical fitness and character growth. Join us in this exciting journey of learning, growth, and giving back – where every lap, pedal, and stride propels us towards a better future.

Main Goals

 Potential goals for the Frodeno Fun(d) Triathlon Academy:

  1. Promote Physical Activity: Instill a love for physical activity and a healthy lifestyle at an early age, encouraging children to stay active and fit.

  2. Triathlon Skills: Provide comprehensive training in swimming, cycling, and running, equipping children with the fundamental skills needed for triathlon events.

  3. Character Development: Foster qualities of perseverance, teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship through triathlon training, contributing to holistic personal development.

  4. Inclusivity: Ensure that the academy remains open and welcoming to children from all backgrounds, promoting diversity and unity within the triathlon community.

  5. Scholarships: Offer scholarships to economically disadvantaged children, enabling them to access quality triathlon coaching that they might not otherwise have had the opportunity to receive.

  6. Community Engagement: Cultivate a sense of belonging and camaraderie among young triathletes, creating a supportive network that extends beyond the academy.

  7. Mentorship: Pair experienced triathletes with academy participants, providing mentorship that enhances skill development and imparts valuable life lessons.

  8. Educational Workshops: Organize workshops on topics such as nutrition, injury prevention, and mental resilience, ensuring a well-rounded education for the young athletes.

  9. Charitable Impact: Use a portion of the funds raised through the academy to amplify the positive impact on the community.

  10. Culminating Events: Arrange friendly triathlon events where academy members can showcase their skills, boosting confidence and a sense of achievement.

  11. Long-Term Engagement: Establish a pathway for graduates of the academy to continue their involvement in triathlon, whether competitively or recreationally.

  12. Public Awareness: Raise awareness about the importance of youth fitness and the transformative power of sports-based education.

  13. Collaborations: Collaborate with schools, local sports organizations, and other community entities to strengthen the reach and influence of the academy.

  14. Research and Development: Support research into the impact of sport on children and their physical and mental development.

  15. Inspiration: Ultimately, inspire a generation of young individuals to set goals, overcome challenges, and lead active, balanced lives, leaving a positive imprint on society.

These goals collectively reflect the holistic approach of the Frodeno Fun(d) Triathlon Academy, ensuring that it serves as a beacon of positivity, empowerment, and growth for young triathletes and their communities.


Cycling and running meeting point will be the Salt sports court. From there we will start our running and cycling classes.

Swimming meeting point will be at UFEC training center located in front of the sport court.

Training schedules

The Triathlon School will commence on October 1st and run until June 30th, while observing school and local holidays in the town of Salt (Girona).

Three training sessions will be held each week, including one for swimming, one for cycling, and one for running. The cycling and running sessions will be conducted by professional trathlon coach from Frodeno Fun(d), while the swimming instruction will be provided by swiming professional coaches from the UFEC of Salt. Final schedules will be confirmed by coaches and the technical team based on each child’s age and skills.

Monday Tuesday or Wednesday



We offer customized scheduling based on your swiming skill level. Your Swimming sessions’ timing and day will be coordinated with the coach to ensure the best fit.

17h to 18h Cycling

17h to 18h Running

Our Coach

Meet Xavier Villasevil: a triathlete, national triathlon coach, and a guiding force in the Frodeno Fun(d) Triathlon Project. With a wealth of experience in both competition and mentoring, Xavier embodies the project’s ethos of combining sports and education. He will work hard to foster a generation of well-rounded and passionate triathletes within the academy.


Behold the monthly fee for the esteemed Triathlon School, commencing from October 1st until June 30th

Frodeno Fun(d) Triathlon Academy

65 Monthly
  • 3 weekly training sessions (1 for swimming, 1 for cycling, and 1 for running).
  • Federative license and accident insurance
  • Being a member of the Frodeno Fun(d) Academy and benefiting from the agreements established by the association.
  • Coach accompaniment to club-designated competitions.
  • Management and administrative expenses.

Any qustion?

We’re here to help. If you have any questions or need further information about our triathlon school, please don’t hesitate to ask. Fill out the form below, and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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