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I already have the box of dreams, what do I do now?

Open your Box and dream

Discover a dream, read it and assemble our little cutout

Think about your dreams

Answer the child's letter with your dream. You will find an envelope and a blanck letter inside

Send it to him/her

Find the school address here, and send your dream.

Addresses of partner schools

Camí de les Guixeres, 2, 17190 Salt, Girona

Passeig del Marquès de Camps, 50, 17190 Salt, Girona

Passatge de Joan Güell i Olivé, 1, 17190 Salt, Girona

C/ del Pla de Salt, 10, 17190 Salt, Girona

Carrer Llarg, 60, 17190 Salt, Girona

Carrer de Sant Dionís, 40, 17190 Salt, Girona

Passeig de Josep Maria Folch i Torres, 8, 17190 Salt, Girona

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