Rocambolesc a Sea Otter Europe to Support Frodeno Fun(d) Project!

Rocambolec presents a special edition of ice cream at SEA OTTER EUROPE to support the Frodeno Fun(D) Association

During the highly anticipated SEA OTTER EUROPE event, taking place from September 22 to 24 in Girona, Spain, participants and visitors will have the chance to indulge in a delightful surprise: the special SOE ice cream edition created by Rocambolesc! This unique collaboration not only promises to satisfy your taste buds but also has a noble objective: to raise funds for Frodeno Fun(d) and encourage everyone to try these exquisite ice creams.

SEA OTTER EUROPE is known for being an event that combines the excitement of cycling and family entertainment. This year, the addition of Rocambolec’s SOE ice creams will undoubtedly add an extra touch of sweetness to the experience. Participants and visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy these delicious ice creams while exploring the exciting activities and exhibitions the event has to offer.

What’s even better is that every SOE ice cream sold during SEA OTTER EUROPE will contribute to supporting the vital work of the Frodeno Fun(d) Association. This non-profit organization tirelessly works to promote the values of sports and instill a healthy lifestyle in children at risk of social exclusion. By enjoying these ice creams, you’ll be helping make a positive difference in the community.

So, if you plan to attend SEA OTTER EUROPE this September, be sure to try Rocambolec’s SOE ice creams and join this noble cause. It’s a delicious way to make a difference and make your event experience even more memorable!

Don’t miss the opportunity to delight your palate and support a good cause, either at SEA OTTER EUROPE 2023 or at Rocambolec’s ice cream shop in Girona, available only during this week! See you there!!

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