Tri at Home

The Origin of Frodeno Fun(d)

On 2020 Aphril 11th, Jan Frodeno, with the support of his family and friends, decided to do a long-distance triathlon at home.  They wanted to help people who were suffering so much from the Covid19 pandemic, and almost without realizing it, they converted the challenge to a fundraising campaign.

During the event, named Tri at Home, Jan swam 3,800m, rode 180km and ran 42.2km in just 8h 32min. During that time, they raised €250,000 which were destinated to people who were suffering the most during the pandemic in Girona and supported the foundation and development of a new project of Laureus Sport for Good Foundation in Salt.

This was the origin of Frodeno Fun(d), a non-profit association, supported by Jan Frodeno and Emma Snoswil, which aims to promote an active life and transmit the values and healthy habits, intrinsic to sport, among boys and girls up to 16 years of age.

The first step was built a PumpTrack in Salt and dotate it with bicycles to motivate childs to do sport.  This is our home now, a place where young people get closer to sport in a fun way, in company of Frodeno Fun(d) team.

Now we are working with schools, local social entities and administration to bring the project closer to as many children as possible, We invite you to discover our social programs here.

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